The Origination Method

The Origination Method is a distinctive learning and innovation process rooted in the design and innovation principles of the celebrated architect Antoni Gaudí.

A Fusion of Legacy and Innovation

Since its inception in 2017, this method has been developed, refined, and validated by a global network of experts and institutions. It is founded on four pillars central to Gaudí's work: Origin, Design Innovation, Humanism, and Sustainability.

International Certification

Proudly certified by the G Inspired Certification, the Gaudí Institute of Design and Innovation, and the Gaudí World Foundation, our methodology has garnered validation from leading companies, institutions, and experts across the USA, South Korea, Spain, and beyond.

We already inspired...

Esteemed organizations such as Microsoft, Renfe, Baidu, The Moonlabs, Alpha Telefonica, Google Campus, Colleman College, and Stanford Design School have leveraged our methodology to create products and services that are impactful and sustainable.

A Legacy of Innovation

Why Gaudí?

Antoni Gaudí, the visionary behind Barcelona’s iconic landmarks like the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, epitomizes innovation. His philosophy, deeply intertwined with nature, spirituality, and an unwavering dedication to originality, continues to inspire creativity worldwide.

our methodology

What is “Origination”?

Rooted in “origination,” this approach transforms creativity into a structured journey, challenging the notion that innovation is mere chance. It’s inspired by Gaudí’s principle: “Originality is going back to the origins.” Our methodology, echoing this belief, equips users with the means to explore and innovate from the ground up, aiming to unlock exceptional innovation and design, in tribute to Gaudí’s enduring influence.

The Essence of Origination Thinking

Origination Thinking transcends traditional design methodologies. Inspired by Gaudí’s principles, it advocates for a deep connection with nature, human experience, and foundational design principles, encouraging a design ethos that is original, sustainable, and deeply human-centric.

Origination Methodology Tools

Natural Thinking

This tool leverages Gaudí’s appreciation for nature, encouraging the integration of natural patterns into design. It focuses on sustainability and functionality, guiding creators to develop solutions that are both innovative and in harmony with the natural world.

Infinity Canvas

Offers a structured 12-step process to innovation, ensuring a comprehensive approach to design. It serves as a complete design toolbox, offering insights into the creative processes of a genius.

Architecture of Design

Draws parallels between architectural principles and design, emphasizing the core tenets of resistance, functionality, and beauty. This tool teaches how to create timeless solutions, inspired by Gaudí’s work, that are both stable and adaptable.

Why Choose Origination Thinking?

Our methodology aims to imbue creators with Gaudí’s ethos, enhancing their ability to think creatively and critically, equipped with practical tools for innovation. We strive to offer an immersive learning experience that challenges conventional thinking and promotes a blend of historical wisdom with contemporary application.

Distinctive Features

History Meets Modernity

Merging Gaudí's timeless insights with modern innovation

Expert Facilitation

Specialized guidance from experts versed in Gaudí's architectural principles.