Gaudí World Foundation partners with SERA for sustainable innovation in architecture

A partnership to integrate SERA’s innovative, sustainable PolyPoly technology into Gaudí-inspired projects, enhancing our exploration of natural elements in architecture.

We are thrilled to announce that on Friday, July 5th, a significant collaboration agreement was signed with SERA (Sustainable Environment Renewable Architecture) in Seoul, coinciding with the visit of our president to the South Korean capital. This agreement highlights the exceptional efforts of SERA and its founder and CEO, Ms. Diana Kim, in providing renewable and sustainable solutions to the architecture sector.

As part of this collaboration, SERA will be integrated into our Innovation Lab, and we hope to certify their unique technology in the following months to integrate it in Gaudí-inspired constructions projects. This agreement aims to delve deeper into the application of natural elements in Gaudí’s work, offering valuable insights and knowledge that can benefit the project.

SERA’s groundbreaking technology is based on the use of PolyPoly, a lightweight, low-load material reinforced with natural fiber. This material addresses both cost and safety issues in construction, making it a game-changer in the industry. The technology leverages naturalistic geometry to optimize the lightness of structures by up to 60%, a technique used by Gaudí in his masterpieces.

At the Gaudí World Foundation, we are always on the lookout for projects that seek to innovate in architecture and construction, in the spirit of Gaudí’s legacy to create a better future. By incorporating SERA into our Innovation Lab, we aim to support their relentless pursuit of innovation, offering applicable and useful knowledge. This partnership marks a pivotal step in our mission to integrate sustainable practices into modern architecture.

“With this agreement, we hope to further strengthen our presence in South Korea. We actively seek projects that aim to improve the way we build and design, following Gaudí’s footsteps. Together, we will be able to continue bringing our message to a wider audience” stated Carlos Canals, president of the Gaudí World Foundation.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration and our ongoing efforts to promote innovation in sustainable architecture.

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