Gaudí’s legacy shines at NFT Korea Festival

Gaudí World Foundation affirms its presence at the NFT Korea Festival, marking a significant milestone for the Foundation and highlighting its extensive commitment to sharing Gaudí's expertise

Bridging art and innovation: making waves at NFT Korea Festival 2024

Gaudí World Foundation, renowned for its dedication to preserving the artistic legacy of Antoni Gaudí, eagerly anticipates its participation in the highly anticipated NFT Korea Festival 2024, commencing tomorrow in Seoul. As Asia’s leading event for NFTs, this festival, themed “Diversity: Manifold,” promises to captivate audiences with a diverse array of digital artworks and immersive experiences. 

This occasion holds profound significance for the Foundation, representing the culmination of its recent transition from an Association to a Foundation, a strategic move reflecting years of international knowledge dissemination and legacy expansion. The NFT Korea Festival heralds a new chapter for the Foundation, underscoring its pivotal role in promoting Gaudí’s rich heritage amidst a backdrop of technological innovation and artistic exploration. 

Teaming up with Moon Labs, a respected authority in blockchain technology, the Gaudí World Foundation pledges festival attendees an unparalleled journey into Gaudí’s visionary world. Through interactive showcases and engaging exhibits, visitors will gain unique insights into Gaudí’s creative process, witnessing the seamless fusion of art and technology. “We’re excited to present Gaudí’s masterpieces on a global stage,” remarks Carlos Canals, the Foundation’s esteemed president. 

Among the Foundation’s esteemed projects is JoyBo, an innovative initiative paying homage to Gaudí’s architectural genius through meticulously crafted limited edition figures. Under the creative direction of Ivan Casabó, JoyBo captures the essence of Gaudí’s aesthetic, attracting widespread acclaim and demand. Moreover, the Gaudí World Foundation is set to host the highly anticipated Gaudí Mosaic Workshop at the festival, providing participants with a rare opportunity to delve into the intricacies of mosaic art and its digital reinterpretation. 

Since its inception last year, Depthowl has emerged as a key ally, fueling the Gaudí World Foundation’s growth trajectory with its expertise in project incubation and strategic consulting. With a focus on family law, tax consultancy, and business development, Depthowl has played an instrumental role in advancing the Foundation’s mission. The NFT Korea Festival serves as a fitting platform to celebrate this fruitful partnership and showcase the collective achievements of both entities. 

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